Hobbits are creatures of comfort. They enjoy practical past times, such as pipe smoking and carving. Anything that does not create sweat on the Halfling brow except gardening, because that creates the Hobbits favorite thing, food. Halflings love to eat and each family has a special family dish. When a player selects the dish that they want it must have five ingredients at least. One rare, two uncommon and two common. Consult the table for food effects. Hobbits stand 3ft 2 inches +2d4 and for SIZ they roll 2D6 + 1D4.

Underburrows – Probably the most quaint and humble of the Hobbits, the Underburrows tend to keep to themselves. Days can go by without so much as an open window. Underburrows are infamous mushroom farmers and often tend to large underground farms. These Halflings enjoy reading, candle making, and the making of fine wines. Underburrows have darker features with white to mocha colored skin and dark brown to black hair. These folk are very pleasant and love entertaining guests, telling and listening to stories. Underburrows receive a +5% to all social skills and to Charisma because of how likeable they are.

Proud Feet – These Halflings are the least trusted in Hobbit culture but the most common to the other races for the same reason, they are the most likely to leave the shire. Proud feet are a curious lot, often throwing caution to the wind. They enjoy experiencing new foods and cultures. Proud Feet tend to travel and experience new foods and cultures. Proud Feet have dark brown to blond hair with light colored eyes, usually blue or green. Proud Feet receive a +10% to their luck scores, this is usually what saves them from harm’s way.

Green Foot – The first race to discover a God, Simone. Green Foot Halflings are patient, kind, and have a respect for all things living. Green Foot have earthy skin tones and hair color; on rare occasions they can have green hair, like the color of moss. These Halflings love to have their feet on the soil or the grass that they are happily tending to plants. These Halflings get a +10% bonus to all plant related skill checks and a +5% bonus to any spell or ritual work done with Simone.

Cretchan (The Cretch) – Fowl Hobbits that run in tribes in the glass ocean. There barbaric Halflings are only appeased when gorging on sentient flesh, sometimes resorting to even cannibalism. The Cretch thrive in chaos, often trying to overwhelm their prey to make an east takedown. All Cretchan have black eyes and their hair ranges from light brown to black. Most Cretchan are truly insane. The Cretch receive a +5% bonus to all phisical skills and any time they use a knife, dagger or other small blade. These Halflings are not only feared but are incredibly beast like, as such they receive a -20% to the Charisma score. These Halflings speak Cretch. No family dish for Cretchan.

Hobbit Family Recipe Table 1/3

1-20 Breakfast +10% Effort
21-40 Lunch +10% Idea
41-60 Dinner +10% Stamina
61-80 Snack +10% Luck
81-100 Drink +10% Charisma

Hobbit Family Recipe Table 2/3

1-20 Seafood +10% Mental
21-40 Animal Protien +10% to perception
41-60 Dairy +10% Manipulation
61-80 Fruits/Vegetables +10% Physical
81-100 Nuts and Seeds +10% Communication

Hobbit Family Recipe Table 3/3

1-20 Water (Fresh or Salt)
21-40 Forest
41-60 Desert
61-80 Swamp
81-100 Planes


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