[[Elfs of Velrah]]

All Elfs are born as a neutral fey and moments later a spirit binds it’s self to the soul of the elf granting a unique physical and mantel properties, including demeanor, hair and eye color and style, and mental and physical aptitude. All Elfs have Solid eye colors that are unique to the spirit that they are imbued with. Elven people do not die of old age, and they mature to Elven standards between 100 and 150 years old. The majority of Elfs remain on the continent of Tarlin due to the fact that they lost the Elven Princess (Silah Solithil) on a diplomatic mission.

Elfs have Great vision and can see half again what humans can as far as range goes. They can see normally in low light conditions and Moon elfs can see twice as far in moon lit conditions, Sun Elfs can see twice as far in daylight conditions.

When creating an elf, use the Element, Primal, and Gem charts to discover what kind of spirit has chosen you. This represents the chaos and chance that Elfs go through when being born.

Element Table
1-20 Earth
21-40 Air
41-60 Fire
61-80 Water
81-100 Roll on primal Table

Primal Table
1-8 Stone
9-17 Sand (Dirt)
18-25 Wind
26-34 Storm
35-42 Flame
43-50 Lava
51-58 Ice
59-66 Wave
67-74 Sun
75-83 Moon
84-90 Roll Twice
91-95 Roll in Element table
96-100 Roll on Gem table

Gem Table
1-20 Ruby
21-40 Topaz
41-60 Sapphire
61-80 Emerald
81-100 Diamond

Stone Elfs (Seers) – %10 Chance to detect traps or secret doors that are made from stone. Stone Elfs also have a natural armor to all parts of the body of 1. Known as defenders of elf territory and law, they are also known to cast runic stones that produce different effects, mostly these effects are for peering into the future.

Dirt/Sand Elf (Waste Walker) – %10 added ability to hide when on dirt, sand, Gravel or any other natural land. Able to burrow at a Movement of 2. These Elf’s tend to be “loan wolfs” and wanderers. Most Elven spies are waste walkers, they are known to be ruthless.

Wind Elfs (Shalifwil) – Ignore the first 10 feet of fall damage. Double the effect of all jump rolls. Wind Elfs are fleeting, they have a hard time staying in one spot for to long. They tend to be daring and like to sword play, and most of all shoot bows. They can add 30ft to all ranges short/medium/long when firing bows.

Storm Elfs (Sentinels) – If outside, a Sentinel is able to produce a gust of wind up to 10 meters away that is equal to half the Elfs POW. Able to fire bows in storms as per normal (not a difficult roll) Storm Elfs tend to be moody and severe. They are the guardians of Elvin knowledge.

Flame Elf (Spark) – Able to produce a flame by touching (with hand) an object. Able to regulate body temperature by heating up (not cooling down). Flame Elfs are passionate and motivated. It is not uncommon for Flame Elfs to be extremely good at a single art (including martial and weapon).

Lava Elf (Pyrolithions) – Able to melt stone equal to half the Elfs POW in pounds at a rate of one pound per round. The stone melts from the center out. Able to consume lava to regain Power Points. Can only regain power points equal to the total pool per day. Pyrolithions tend to be temperamental and quick to anger. As a result of the Lava Elf temperament they are often asking forgiveness and most likely feel like an outcast.

Ice Elfs (Frost Children) – Able to melt water equal to half the Elfs POW in liters at a rate of one liter per round. The Elf must touch the water. Can freeze the top of water and stand on the ie for rounds equal to half the Elfs POW. Frost children are often quiet and can seem a little… cold.

Wave Elf (Surfren) – Starts with a +%10 bonus to swim and treats all water as “calm water”. The first three rounds of a submerged state are rolled at CON x10 and after those three rounds are over then you begin to count down (CON x9, Conx8 etc.).

Moon Elf (Lunalin) – Night fire, able to produce a dimly lit blue and purple flame on an object or individual. Can do this as many times as 1/4 of the Elfs POW. Must be at night to do this. Moon Elfs can see twice as far as a Human at night and all spells cast at night get a +5% bonus. Must be able to cast the spell to get the bonus.

Sun Elf (Solarin) – Orb of Solar, Able to Produce a Magical glowing ball of fire that gives off no heat, only light. This orb can only be cast on the Elf using the power and the orb gives off a torch light radius and can only be cast once per day. It lasts for 1/4 the Elfs POW in hours. The Solarin must have spent at least one of the last twenty four in daylight to activate that power. Sun Elfs can see twice as far as humans in daylight and all spells cast during the day get a +5% bonus. Must be able to cast the spell to get the bonus.

[[Elfs of Velrah]]

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